Fruits, Fruit Juice et al

Have you had a drink today?  What are the odd chances that the drink you had today was fruit juice.  If you did not have any then what about fresh fruits.  Back here, our tropical fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, oranges, grape fruit, passion fruits, guava…. are widely available in the farms, local market etc.  You may not find too many people rushing to buy fruit drinks as they usually prefer the fruits in its raw form.


What about our children/wards, are we encouraging them to drink pure fruit juice or is it the same old fizzy drinks?  We do not really have to buy juice from the stores or shops, we can simply get creative and blend it up in our fruit juicer back in our homes.  If you can not do this, as not all of us have juicers then it will be best to cut the fruits up and eat raw.  Please do not use the do not want your pineapple juice tasting like onions or worst garlic. Fruits contain minerals and vitamins and it is recommended to eat at least five fruits a day which most of may not really do…still..


Make sure you eat your fruits, drink your fruit juice, if you are not sure about the place of origin about the fruit juice, simply read the label, FDA insists on all food to be labelled right.
Fruits can be used fresh or dried in the catering industry and thus can be put in cakes, gateaux, bread et al.  Try some this week.

Ann Evans


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  1. Dr. Serebuoh says:

    Wow ! Very nice. How do I get some of the juice to buy? I want bulk. Do you also serve for parties and other celebrations like birthday?
    Thanks .


    1. edyazn says:

      Hello Dr,

        Bulk orders are subject to advance ordering. We do cater for both corporate and social events. Call us for a good taste of fresh juice.



  2. Taylor Swiftness says:



  3. Edward says:



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